FileRelease DateEnglishDeutschDescription
[PureControl] Assembly manual12.01.2019Download (*.pdf)Step-by-step assembly manual for the PureControl
[PureControl] Operating manual11.09.2019Download (*.pdf)Download (*.pdf)Operating manual for the PureControl and the Android app
[PureControl] V3 Pin-Layout11.09.2019Download (*.xlsx)Excel sheet with the pin-layout for the PureControl V3 (Teensy 3.6)
[PureControl] Connector Pin-Layout08.10.2019Download (*.pdf)Pin layout for the connectors on the PureControl
[PureControl] External stepper driver11.09.2019Download (*.pdf)Quick guide to connect external stepper drivers to drive larger motors
[PureControl] Firmware adjustment for external stepper drivers11.09.2019Download (*.pdf)The firmware must be adjusted slightly to support external stepper drivers
[PureControl] Dragonframe support for stop-motion11.09.2019Download (*.pdf)How to use the PureControl for Stop-Motion control with Dragonframe
[MDK-Controller] Modification Bluetooth module11.09.2019Download (*.pdf)Modification manual to control the MDK-controller (or PT Pro Controller) with the PureControl Android app
DIY Motion Controller11.09.2019Download (*.pdf)Manual to build a motion controller based on the PureControl design


FileRelease DateEnglishDeutschDescription
[Multitrigger] Operating manual11.09.2019Download (*.pdf)Operating manual for the Multitrigger

Stepper motor adapter

FileRelease DateEnglishDeutschDescription
Stepper motor adapter assembly08.10.2019Download (*.pdf)Manual to install the stepper motor adapter