Interested in the PureTurn?

No backlash

Due to the belt gear reduction, there is no mechanical backlash. This will result in a precise and repeatable movement.

Flexible design

With just a few adjustments, you can turn the turntable into a pan axis for other applications. 2 products in 1.

Stepper connectors

The motor is equipped with a socket. So you are able to choose the right cable depending on your current needs.

Wide speed range

The turntable can move very fast, but also very slow. Suitable for all kinds of application

Ball bearings

The use of ball bearings will make the motion smooth and quite and enable you to put a load on the table.


Weight900 g
Diameter of table30 cm
Height8 cm
Stepper motorNEMA 17
Gear reduction1:4.5
Step resolution0.4° (with full steps) / 0.025 ° (with 1/16 microstepping)
Motor connection4-pin miniXLR
Mounting abilitystandard photo screw (small)

FAQ: PureTurn

Due to the ball bearing design, the load can be very high. We have run tests up to 15 kg, but a higher weight should be possible. You only have to make sure, that your tripod and ballhead will support the weight, because the rotation axis has a offset to the mounting point.
The turntable has a white color as standard. Of course you are able to attach a second disk with a different color on top to fit your current setup.
The PureTurn uses a standard NEMA17 stepper motor. We have fitted the motor with a 4-pin miniXLR-socket, so you can detach the motor cable and pick the right cable for your application.

The PureTurn can be controlled by any stepper controller, but of course we recommend using our PureControl.
Where are the limits of the PureHead?
The PureHead has a low gear reduction (1:4.5). This works very good for most application. But due to this low reduction, the PureHead will not provide high torque.

So this will mean, that you will not be able to setup your camera off-center, like for nodel-point shooting for panoramas. You could tweek around by using counterweights, but otherwise you should keep the camera always centered.

If you are planning to shoot with high focal length, so also might want to consider a different solution. The low gear reduction will result in a low resolution. But this can be ignored for most cases, since the drivers in the PureControl will interpolate the movement and make it smooth as possible.