Camera exposure

Set your camera into BULB-mode and the controller will take care of the exposure time.

Backlash compensation

A backlash process before the image capture will reduce any mechanial gear gap.

Speed adjustments

Choose between predefined rotation speeds for different astro object or define a custom rotation speed.

FAQ: Astro-Mode

The Astro-Mode will rotate one axis with the same speed as the earth rotation. Depending on your location (nothern/southern hemisphere), you are able to invert the direction of movement.

To compensate for the earth rotation and have a "still-standing" sky, you have align your rotation axis to point at polaris. A detailed description will be released soon.
The astro mode will enable you to define one movement. This movement will be run at the X and the Y axis. So it is possible to run two axis at the same time with the same motion.

If you want to trigger more than one camera with the PureControl, you will need one of our Multitriggers.
When using Astro-mode, you need to set your camera into BULB-mode. With this setting, the controller is able to control the exposuretime of your camera.

When set into BULB-mode, you are able to exposure for a very long time, which is very common when shooting astro objects. The exposuretime is define before the sequence start in the settings screen of the Astro-Mode.

You can also define the amount of pictures and a delay time between the pictures.