Multitrigger Small

Trigger multiply cameras at the same time

Interested in the Multitrigger?

6 Outputs

Connect up to 6 cameras to the Multitrigger Small

Multi purpose

You can not only connect cameras to the output, but any circuit. (max. 50mA, 40V)


You can connect a second multitrigger to expand the number of outputs.

Low Power consumption

The Multitrigger runs of a normal AAA battery. Due to the low lower consumption, this battery will last very long.

High Compability

If you are using the correct trigger cable, you can use almost any camera which has an input for external signals (Nikon, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, etc.)

Camera connection

The multitrigger is using 2.5mm stereo audio jacks for the camera connection. Those connectors are the standard for remote triggers. This will mean, that you are able to find suitable cables for any camera and will not need an adapter in between.

Trigger signal input

The trigger signal input is also an 2.5mm stereo audio jack. So you able able to a standard Canon trigger button as input device.


Dimensions50mm x 45mm x 40mm
Camera amount1 to 6
Camera connection6x 2.5mm audio jack (stereo)
Signal input1x 2.5mm audio jack (stereo)
Focus and shutter signal separatedYes
Camera outputs separatedYes
Power supply1x AAA battery (included)

FAQ: Multitrigger Small

The cameras are connected with standard 2.5mm audio jack cables. Those are the same, which are used for other remote triggers, so there are already cables available for all different kinds of camera models.

To trigger the multitrigger, you will need a remote shutter button with a 2.5mm audio jack. Those are the same which are used for smaller Canon DSLR cameras.
As long as your camera a dedicated input port for an external trigger, it should work properly. We have tested different DSLR model from Canon, Nikon and Sony without any issues. Other camera brands are also compatible, as long as there is an input on the camera.
All camera outputs are separeted. This will mean, that the circuits won't mix up. So you are able to connect different camera models at once.

But if you need 100% synchronization between all cameras (e.g. for moving objects), we recommend using the identical camera model. Or at least the same brand. Each camera modell will have a slightly different shutter lag. And this lag might be important for your shot.
Due to the electrical setup, all outputs are triggered at the exact same time. We were not able to measure a time delay / lag within this tiny resolution.

Of course you have to consider the shutter lag of your camera. If you need a high syncronization, the camera should be in manual focus mode and you should hold the release button half-pressed for 1-2 seconds before triggering the cameras.
The multitrigger is powered by an internal AAA battery, which is rechargeable. The power is only used while the shutter button is pressed.

So when using the multitrigger normally, you should be able to get couple of thousand pictures before you need to recharge or replace the battery.