Motorized miniature slider for focus-stacking

Interested in the PureMacro?

High resolution

The drive design offers you a resolution of 0.25µm (using 1/16 microstepping)

Build-in reference

The build-in reference switch offers you repeatable movements and safety limits.

Custom software

When using this product with the PureControl, we offer a easy-to-use Windows application for setup and control.

external Inputs/Outputs

Due to a external port, it is possible to use custom sensors, switches etc. to connect to the unit.

External Stepperdrivers

Use any stepper motor size. The internal drivers are perfect for stepper motors up to NEMA17. But for larger motors, you can connect up to 4 external drivers and drive and stepper motor.

Silent Movement

State-of-the-art stepper driver technology makes it possible to run the stepper motors without any noise. The only noise which will be generated it due to mechanical  movement and friction. Otherwise, the motors will stay silent

Open Firmware

The firmware for this project is open-source. So you are able to adjust and add functions by your own, if neccessery.


Dimensions116mm x 99mm x 49mm
Step resolution0.00025mm (0,25μm) with 1/16 microstepping
Control interfacePureControl (Android app or Windows programm for PC)
Stepper motor connection4-pin miniXLR
Camera mountArca-Swiss quick release
Mounting optionStandard photo thread at bottom

FAQ: PureMacro

The integrated stepper motor is very powerfull, so the weight of the camera setup does not really matter. But you should consider using a sturdy tripod to attach the unit.
The PureMacro does not have a internal logic circuit. So you will need an external motion controller like our PureControl. With this, you will be able to control the movement with an Android app.

For the focus stacking function, we have also build a dedicated Windows application which will run on your computer. This way, there is no need for an Android device.
Yes, if you are planning to add a turntable or other motorized equipment, you can do so. You will need our PureControl with the according amout of axis.

Depending on your requirements, you can use the Android app to control a multi-axis setup or contact us. We will check your required functionality and implmented it, if required.
Do you have longer rails available?
The PureMacro is scalable. If you need a longer rail, just let us know and we will adjust. If you are planning much longer distances, please check our PureSlider.