PureControl Mini

Control any stepper motor with this versatile 2-axis motion controller

Interested in the PureControl?

Small dimensions

Compact design, perfectly for travel.

2 axis movement

Synchronous movement of all 2 axis at once

Flexible keyframes

Set your keyframe very flexbile for each axis individually.

external Inputs/Outputs

Due to a external port, it is possible to use custom sensors, switches etc. to connect to the unit.

Silent Movement

State-of-the-art stepper driver technology makes it possible to run the stepper motors without any noise. The only noise which will be generated it due to mechanical  movement and friction. Otherwise, the motors will stay silent

Open Firmware

The firmware for this project is open-source. So you are able to adjust and add functions by your own, if neccessery.

Function modes


This content requires HTML5 with CSS3 3D Transforms or WebGL.


Panorama mode, or known as Gigapixel mode, will enable you to do fully automatic panoramic shots. Just set two points of your desired area and the overlap, and the panorama mode will move the camera automatically for each picture.

This is very handy, if you want to do high-resolution panoramic shots using tele-lenses. This would be impossible with and manual controlled head

Further information about the panorama mode can be found here
(Click to open)


The timelapse-mode is the standard mode for timelapse photography. Also known as "Shot-Move-Shot", this mode will move all axis at the same time and trigger the camera as soon the motion has stopped. This way, it is ensured, that the pictures are only taken during stillstand and will not blur due to the movement.

This mode can also be used to create stop-motion sequences and for macrostacking.

Further information about the timelapse mode can be found here
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Video mode will enable you to do smooth and continuous movement of all axis at the same time. You setup some keyframes and set the desired time. The controller will do the rest.

Further information about the video mode can be found here
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Astro mode gives you the opportunity to exposure stars and other astro objects over multiply seconds or even minutes.

Further information about the astro mode can be found here
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For live-video-shooting or simple video movements, you are able to control the motors "by hand". The Android app offers digital joysticks and sliders for manual control.

You can also use a PlayStation 4 controller and use this for precise manual movement. Sensitivity, speeds etc. can be configured for each axis individually.

Further information about the manual mode can be found here
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Android app control

All functions are controlled by a custom-made Android app. You can use almost all Android devices which have at least Android 5.0 and Bluetooth 4.0

The app allows you to control any stepper motor equipment, no matter if is a standard slider, pan-tilt etc. or a DIY-custom-build.

For further details on the functionality, please check the Android app section on the website.


Weight150 g
Dimensions92mm x 50mm x 49mm
Logic board / CPUTeensy 3.6 / 240 MHz ARM Cortex-M4
Control interfaceAndroid-Smartphone or Tablet (min. Android 5 and Bluetooth 4.0)
Number of axis2
Supported motors (internal drivers)Bipolar Stepper Motor - max. 0.8A (NEMA8, NEMA11, NEMA14, NEMA17)
Power supply10-28V DC (usually 12V), at least ~0.8A per stepper motor
Stepper motor connection4-pin miniXLR
Power connection5-pin miniXLR
Camera trigger and focus connection2.5mm stereo audio jack
External trigger input3.5mm stereo audio jack
AUX-port4-pin miniXLR (2x analog/digital I/O for custom use)
Firmware update and PC-connectionmicroUSB (Teensy 3.6)

FAQ: PureControl

What can I control with this unit?
This unit enables you to control up to 6 stepper motors at the same time. The drivers are set to max. 0.8A current, so you should be able to power any standard stepper motor up to NEMA 17.

For larger motors, there is the possibility to connect external stepper drivers, so you can run any stepper motor.
What do I need else to be able to use this controller?
The controller is controller by an Android App. So you will need an Android tablet or smartphone, which supports at least Bluetooth 4.0 and has Android version 5.

There is no app available for Apple devices.

To power the controller, you will need a 12V-24V DC power supply which can deliver at least 0.8A per motor.
Do I need the PlayStation 4 controller?
No, this is only an option. You can still make all settings only using the Android app.

But if you are planning to manually move multiply axis at the same time(for example during live video shooting), the PlayStation controller offers a very good solution to control the steppers precisely by hand.
Can I connect other input devices?
The PureControl is a very flexible control unit. So theoretically, it is possible to connect any input device like joysticks, keyboards, wheel, buttons, sensors etc.

But because of the huge variety of devices, not all devices can be integrated in the software at once.

We can adjust the software to fit your requirements and devices.