Android app changelog

v.614 - 18.04.2020

  • Improvement of smoothness of video mode and video mode overall
  • Fixed precision mode (time in video mode was not recalculated after changing the position)
New features:
  • Ping-Pong mode and "run-from-end" are fixed and enabled again
  • Video movement time will be saved and called automatically (even without using a preset)

v.613 - 17.04.2020

  • Changed color of stepper drive current setting to white
  • Disabled Backlash compensation (since it has no function yet)
  • Adjusted Preset loading for smaller screens
  • Fullstepping (1/1) was not enabled correctly
New features:
  • Added button to reset STEP/DIR pin configuration to default (internal drivers)
  • Added software joysticks and constant speed mode (Manual mode)

v.612 - 05.04.2020

  • Adjusted panorama preset loading screen for smaller displays
  • Fixed wrong direction when loading panorama preset
  • Support for external drivers (pin change over app) enabled for panorama mode
  • Fixed display error of microstepping in axis config
  • When clicking near on the center position of the position slider, the axis won’t start moving anymore
  • “All-axis” graph display was improved (all axis will now scale to max. value of the selected axis)

v.611 - 02.04.2020

  • Fixed the recalculation for movie mode (error introduced in v0.609)
  • Loading panorama was faulty
  • Loading Panorama was adjusted for small screens
  • Fixed precision mode for panorama function
  • Fixed display of positions in panorama function
New features:
  • Automatic counting for panorama preset name was added
  • New database update will copy existing values for axis config automatically

v.610 - 31.03.2020

New features:
  • Preset function for timelapse/video added

v.609 - 30.03.2020

  • Keyframe movement/setting with PS4 controller was faulty
New features:
  • When pressing the PS4 buttons, a according message will be displayed
  • Keyframes can now be added, removed and moved across the timeline just with the PS4 controller
  • All upcoming features of the app will now be displayed gray or removed for less confusion
  • There will be check if the last keyframe (endposition) was set, before starting a sequence
  • Keyframes can now be put closer together (3% of total time instead of 6%)

v.608 - 15.03.2020

  • With Android 10, external storage was changed. This affects the database-file. Android 10 device crashed and this was fixed.
  • When there are a lot of Bluetooth-devices around, the app will crash. From now on, only Bluetooth-device containing “Pure” or “HMSoft” will be displayed.
  • Precision position setting now working properly