Tripod/Rod mount adapter

Flexible adapter to mount equipment with a photo-screw to tripods or rods

Interested in the tripod mount?

Flexible size

The adapter can be fitted to different rod diameters, due to the flexible velcro tape design

Photo screw

The adapter has a built-in standard photo screw (1/4-20 UNC) to attach different kinds of photo equipment

Padded surfaces

The mounting surface and contact area of the rod is fitted with foam rubber to avoid any slipping

FAQ: Tripod/Rod mount adapter

The adapter has an inner diameter of 30mm. With the flexible velcro, you are able to cover rods from 25-35mm.
The screw is screwed into the adapter. This way, it will stay on place and will not get lost. The integrated screw has a height of ~ 6mm from the mounting surface. You can use a hex key or a coin to tighten/loose it.
If the standard size of the mounting area or rod diameter does not suit your needs, we are able to customize the design and fit your needs.