• Control of up to 6 stepper motors (Pan, Tilt, Slider, Focus, Zoom etc.)

  • Controlled via custom Android app and Bluetooth 4.0 (low energy) connection

  • Open-source firmware: modify and add your own functions to the controller

  • Steppers can be configured individually depending on your system requirements (setting of microstepping, speed, backlash compensation, calibration of rotation/linear movement etc.)

  • SilentStepStick stepper drivers: silent, precise and smooth movement, power saving mode in idling

  • Learn more about the Trinamic StealthChop technology here.
  • Stepper current is adjustable individually via the app to save power and be compatible with almost all stepper motors

  • Motion settings can be saved as presets to enable easy and fast repetition of shots

  • Optional support of PlayStation 4 controller for easier setup of multiply steppers and live-video-shooting

  • Continuous improvement, development and new functions

  • 5 function modes:
    • Shot-Move-Shot (Timelapse):
      • triggering camera ==> delay time to reduce vibrations due to movement ==> movement of steppers ==> triggering camera ==> …
    • Gigapan (Panorama):
      • Easy two-point setup
      • automatic movement and camera triggering
      • Create 360°-panos within seconds
    • Astro:
      • Tracking of stars, sun and moon to enable long-exposure without blurring due to movement
    • Macro stacking:
      • Multi-axis macro stacking: use a slider, rotary plate, microscope or even a 3 axis-portal to create High-Def macro shots automatically
    • Video:
      • Continuous movement of all steppers
      • Linear Mode: Fade-in/fade-out of speed at start and end
      • 5-point keyframe movement also possible

  • Flexible setting of keyframes (up to 20 per axis)

  • Modular PCB-design:
    • Equip the controller only with the amount of drivers and PS4-controller-option depending on your needs
    • If your requirements change over time, you can simple add further drivers and the PS4-option later
    • Reusable parts: The Teensy, steppers drivers and USB-Host-Shield can be easly removed in case this should be necessery for some reason
    • Controller is available as assembly kit, if you want to solder and build everything by yourself

  • 15 pin Sub-D connector enables additional analog and digital input/output to support other devices like sensors etc.
  • 15 pin Sub-D connector can also be used to connect up to 4 external stepper drivers to be able to use bigger stepper motors (NEMA23 or bigger)

  • Integrated voltage converter to supply your camera with power (battery adapter necessery)
  • Second 12V battery can be connected to supply camera exclusively (necessery for bigger DSLRs or if using multiply steppers)

  • Weight 360g
    Dimensions 116mmx99mmx49mm
    Logic board / CPU Teensy 3.6 / 240 MHz ARM Cortex-M4
    Control interface Android-Smartphone or Tablet (min. Android 5 and Bluetooth 4.0)
    Number of axis 1-6
    Supported motors Internal drivers: Bipolar Stepper Motor - max. 0.8A (NEMA8, NEMA11, NEMA14, NEMA17)
    External drivers: depending on driver (-->all stepper motors)
    Power supply Voltage: 10-28V DC (usually 12V)
    Current: ~0.8A per stepper motor
    Connections Stepper motors: 4-pin miniXLR
    Power 1&2: 5-pin miniXLR
    Camera-Power output: 3-pin miniXLR
    Camera trigger and focus: 2.5mm stereo audio jack
    External trigger: 3.5mm stereo audio jack
    AUX: 15-pin Sub-D (analog and digital I/O for custom use)
    Firmware update and PC-connection: microUSB (Teensy 3.6)
    USB-Host for Bluetooth-Dongle (PlayStation 4 controller)

    If you only want to control 1 or 2 axis, you can also have a look at the PureControl-mini. Click here for more information.