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PureControl Firmware

PureControl V1 (Arduino Due + TMC2100)

PureControl V1 - Firmware V0.85 - 15.07.2017 (zip)

PureControl V2 (Arduino Due + TMC2130)

PureControl V2 - Firmware V0.85 - 15.07.2017 (zip)

PureControl V3 (Teensy 3.6 + TMC2130)

PureControl V3 - Firmware V0.85 - 15.07.2017 (zip)


If you want to test the PureMoCo-App, you can download the demo-version over the Google Play Store.

For testing you will need a Arduino Due or Teensy 3.6 and a SilentStepStick-Driver (TMC2100/TMC2130). Please choose a firmware above (depening on your board and stepper driver) and modify the pin-layout to fit your setup.

Further information about a self-build can be found here:

To upload firmware-packages you will need the Arduino-Software, which can be downloaded on the official Arduino Website.

If you are using the PureControl V3, you will also need the Teensyduino-Addon. Before you download the Arduino-Software, please check first on the Teensyduino-Page, which version of the Arduino software is currently supported.

Furthermore, there are three libraries, which need to be copied into the Arduino library folder. You can download the latest version here.